Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Visitors

Every year our school has a Snowflake Breakfast which consists of pancakes, bacon, fruit, and hot cocoa. It takes volunteers about an hour to set up for our students, so our class invited the Pre-K to join us while their classroom was transformed into "The Seabury Cafe"!

Students read a short story about hedgehogs and how they hibernate. Then drew pictures of hedgehogs followed by a winter short film. 

Peer mentoring is an important part of our week! 

Engineering Ramps

Young students benefit from learning engineering skills because it allows students to critically think about the process to build something. The question posed was "Can you build a ramp to move objects from the top to the bottom?" Students used the design process of building, improving, and revising.  

A very intricate designed ramp.

Simple ramp

Tall ramp 
"What if I put my hand in front of the object?"

It is amazing how many different ramp designs can get the same result!

Thanksgiving Feast

Our class enjoyed creating our "fruit turkey" for the Thanksgiving Feast! The whole school comes together to express their gratitude. Each class brings a treat to share and we say what we are thankful for with a potluck style feast at the end. 

Making the "fruit turkey".

"These raspberries are too squishy!"

"This was so much fun! Can we do it again?"

The end result!

The school saying something they are thankful for.
This is some of what our class treasures:  friends & family; chickens; food; trees; paper; WiFi; oxygen; and books. Again and again, we also heard that they are thankful for Seabury School, their education, and their teachers. I am thankful for my incredible students and a community that supports our school in countless ways.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pizza Box Project

 The last couple of weeks we did a project called "Pizza Box Project". The project was to take in information from 10 Cultural Universals of either Ancient Egypt, Rome, or Greece and present the information in a "3D" fashion inside a "Pizza Box". 

You may ask "What are Cultural Uni-- WHATEVER?!" 

They are things to categorize your information. 

They are: 
1. Background of Culture
2. Themes
3. Economics
4. Food, Clothing, Shelter 
5. Political Organization
6. Family and Kin 
7. Attitude toward The Unknown
8. Communication
9. Arts and Esthetic Values
10. Recreation

This is Enzo's Pizza Box Project about Ancient Rome.

           This is Poppy Presenting her Pizza Box about Ancient Greece. 

          This is Zimraan presenting his Pizza Box about Ancient Egypt to his mom.

Trevin and Tristan sharing their pizza boxes.

This is Catherine presenting her pizza box.

This is a presentation about Ancient Egypt that Ryver made.

This is Miki showing his mom and grandma his Pizza Box.

       Here is Sydney's Pizza Box about Ancient Egypt.

This is Colin's Pizza Box about Ancient Egypt.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Do pumpkins sink or float?

Mentoring was hard work this week! Our class helped their buddies make estimates and measure the circumference and height of a pumpkin using string and unifix cubes. 

After measuring, students were asked to make a prediction: Do pumpkins float or sink?

Most students thought that pumpkins would sink. 
What do you think?

The results are in...pumpkins float!! 

"What? No, they are supposed to sink."

Well pumpkins are like ships, they are heavy but buoyant in water, so they float.

Image result for fall leaf clipart

We also enjoyed a fall scavenger hunt with our buddies this week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Artifact Museum Walk

After creating artifacts, students set up their desks as museum displays and we did a gallery walk! 

"The Johny that was to light, he flew off with a balloon."

Pig Wand

"It turns things into pigs for food!"

The Time Teller

Sapphire Circlet

"Wow, it has a LED light in it!"


Johny Boomerang
Chicken Protector

The Orb