Monday, October 22, 2018

Do pumpkins sink or float?

Mentoring was hard work this week! Our class helped their buddies make estimates and measure the circumference and height of a pumpkin using string and unifix cubes. 

After measuring, students were asked to make a prediction: Do pumpkins float or sink?

Most students thought that pumpkins would sink. 
What do you think?

The results are in...pumpkins float!! 

"What? No, they are supposed to sink."

Well pumpkins are like ships, they are heavy but buoyant in water, so they float.

Image result for fall leaf clipart

We also enjoyed a fall scavenger hunt with our buddies this week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Artifact Museum Walk

After creating artifacts, students set up their desks as museum displays and we did a gallery walk! 

"The Johny that was to light, he flew off with a balloon."

Pig Wand

"It turns things into pigs for food!"

The Time Teller

Sapphire Circlet

"Wow, it has a LED light in it!"


Johny Boomerang
Chicken Protector

The Orb

Artifact Building

Our class has been exploring ancient cultures and to understand them fully we have been learning about the cultural universals in each society. This includes food, clothing, shelter, religion, government, economics, etc. 

Along with learning about the cultures, students have been learning about artifacts from the time periods.

Each student was asked to draw an artifact and write a description telling why it was an artifact. Mrs. Maitlen and I noticed that most were on the right track, but we needed to revisit the definition of artifact to make sure each student understood what they were to create. 

What is an artifact? 
An artifact is an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.

After drawing their artifacts, students were given the task to create a 3-D model to share as a museum exhibit. 

Here are some creating pictures:

"Creativity is intelligence having FUN!"
-Albert Einstein

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Mentoring: Flying Flyers

 Today our class did a fantastic job being mentors! They guided our littlest kids in creating circles with paper and taping them to a straw. It was fun to see everyone work together to complete this task.

"How should we make the circle?"

"Let's use a small amount of tape!"

"Can you help make my circle?"

"Wow! You are doing a great job."

"Hey, look! I have my straw!"


"Hey, can you help me tape my circle?"

 Test runs of the flying flyers:

"3, 2, 1, fly!"

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn" -Phil Collins