Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Westward Expansion: Seattle and the Gold Rush!

Our class was learning about Westward Expansion and why people were moving west. To extend our studies, we took a trip to the Klondike Gold Rush Museum in Seattle to learn about the story of the Yukon gold fields and Seattle's crucial role in this great event. 

Klondike Gold Rush Museum
Walking from the Museum to Underground Seattle

Right before the gold rush, Seattle had a fire that destroyed the city. The people decided they wanted a city that was a story above the muck, so they kept the original sidewalks and built the buildings above, creating the underground tunnels. 

Our tour guide, Tom, telling us about the history of Seattle.
Underground Seattle
The glass skylights from underground.
The underground sidewalk with ladders to the street.
Checking our the toilet!
Learning about the way the streets were made.
Hanging out underground!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reading in the New Year

The Electricianeers started off the new year by reading to their Pre-K buddies. Students read books about winter and snow. They also enjoyed telling each other what they did over winter break. The smiles are endless when we go to peer mentoring!

"Let's build a friend!"
This book has no words, so these students were taking turns telling their own story that went along with the pictures.