Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Defend the Fort: Part 2

Defend the Fort Part 2: Defense Supplies

Each student was given a budget of $3,000 and costs of items to decide on a plan for defending our fort. Then the class voted on which plan would defend our fort the best. This plan would then be used to create our defense plan. 

Costs of the defense supplies

Our class created an attack plan on the Magnetists class using their map to determine where we would enter. These plans were evaluated to see which class was victorious.
Electricianeers classroom map

Magnetists classroom map

Outcome of the mock classroom invasion:
(the outcome was written like a battle story and described the battle)

Attack on the Electricianeers allowed 2 victory points for the Magnetists.

Attack on the Magnetists allowed 6 victory points for the Electricianeers.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Writing Stories

This week in peer mentoring, the Electricianeers helped their friends begin writing a story. 

This group was writing a story called "The Getaway". It is about people that wanted to get away from their house because there were a lot of bad people there. 

This group was writing a story about themselves and what they were about.

The group of girls were writing about a snake that liked bananas. 

The front group was writing about a Halloween story.
The back group was writing a story about their buddy.

We will continue story writing next week!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Defend the Fort: Part 1

Defend the Fort: Civil War Cartography

Our class measured the sizes and shapes of all the major objects in our room to create a map of our classroom. This is our battle defense map. Students will use the map to design a defense strategy for our mock classroom invasion.

Measuring the supply shelf
Measuring the Smart Board
Converting inches to feet and inches
Deciding how to create the map
The final map with measurements!

Stay tuned!