Friday, October 6, 2017

Washed Ashore at Point Defiance Zoo

The Washed Ashore Exhibit at Point Defiance Zoo does not disappoint! Students saw large scale sculptures of plastic beach trash designed to encourage people to see the pollution problem that we have in our oceans. 

Angela Haseltine Pozzi is the artist and educator behind these amazing sculptures about marine pollution. Washed Ashore art is being created to "save the sea".

Students were amazed to see all of the different items that are found on our beaches such as cell phones, buckets, shoes, plastic bottles, and many more. 

One of our goals this year is plastic reduction. The intent of this goal is to draw attention to the impact of industry, society, and commerce on the environment. We are trying to look at these impacts through an unbiased lens. We want to understand things like: what is really happening, where the impact occurs, how this impact affects the various aspects of our lives.

We are well on our way to reducing our plastic by bringing our lunches in reusable containers. At the zoo, 82% of our lunches were reusable!

Students also enjoyed visiting their favorite animals at the zoo! 

How do you tell if a shark is male or female?

How do they make that noise?
Look at the oil on their skin! The water is beading up.

Check out more about the Washed Ashore exhibit here:

Washed Ashore at Point Defiance Zoo:  
Washed Ashore website: 

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