Thursday, October 12, 2017

American Revolution Simulation Day

American Revolution Simulation Day
Our class simulated what it would be like to live in 1775. We were Great Britain, and the students from the class next door were the colonists. 

Simulations are important for student learning because students experience the reality of the scenario and gather meaning from it. 

Students created a class fort with individual forts on the inside using paper and tape.

Students learned about the clothing during the time period and created their own fashion.

One of the activities was calculating the cost of the fort based on the supply costs during the time period. Students also calculated the cost of food for the class to live for 30 days. 

Throughout the day there would be Breaking News! This was where the teachers introduced important events about the Revolutionary War. During this particular breaking news, the Stamp Act was passed and the colonists were taxed 22 cents for every piece of paper, so the colonists had to calculate that cost.

At the end of the day, Great Britain and the colonists competed in a "battle" to see who won. We competed in a hopping ball race, relay race, and a bean bag toss.

The colonists won!

Seeing the excitement and understanding of the day from each student was so rewarding!

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