Friday, September 15, 2017

Dot Day at Seabury School

International Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration. 

We are part of 169 countries and 9,003,546 people registered to participate in Dot Day activities this year!

Why do you think Dot Day was celebrated at Seabury?

"We were celebrating that art can be pretty much anything." 

"Even a blank piece of paper can be art!"

"Because it is Dot Day."

Sharing our dot stories

 Painting our dot shirts

What was your favorite part about Dot Day?

"My favorite part was rock painting."

"I liked making dot flowers in the Makerspace!" 

"My favorite part of the day was the big dot painting."

Excited for Dot Day activities!

"The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe." -Peter H. Reynolds

Click here for more information about Dot Day!

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